Here you can read MA phonetics and phonology Question Paper and other related materials. This questions are very important phonetics and phonology Subject specifically first year students. The max marks should be 100 marks and max time to write exam is 3 hours.

MA Question Paper 2010  - Phonetics and Phonology - First Year

Section-A (Answer any five questions and all questions carry equal marks ) (5*8=40)

1. Describe the various approaches of phonetics.
2. Differentiate the vocoids from the contoids.
3. List out the lateral and plosive sounds of your language with examples.
4. Write short note on ‘Supra segmental features’ of sounds.
5. Prepare a phonetic chart to the vowels of your language.
6. What is phonemic overlapping? Explain it.
7. Write an account on different types of consonantal clusters of your language.
8. What is the usage of minimal pairs?

Section-B (Answer any three questions and All questions carry equal marks) (3*20=60)

9. Write an account of articulatory description to consonants of a language.
10. List out the voiced phonemes of a language and give examples used in words.
11. Analyse the sounds of a language with phonemic principles.
12. Write an essay on the allophones of a language.
13. Explain the various structures of syllables with examples.

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